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Rates may differ as they are dependent on individual circumstances. Subject to status.

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We believe that financing your car should be straight forward so we organise everything for you quickly, guaranteeing a fast, flexible and efficient service. All car finance quotes are no obligation and we won’t pressurise you either. Poor credit history? Don’t worry, Our lenders consider a wide variety of credit history scores are welcome and to make it even easier for you, there are no arrangement fees!

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When you use Quick Car Finance, you can buy a car from any reputable dealer.  We know it’s a big purchase so we like to make it as easy as possible for you. When you choose us to finance your vehicle; we even provide our special “Quick Car Check” service.  It’s totally FREE and doesn’t commit you to anything.

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We like to make life straightforward! Our team will be hard at work to try to get your finance approved wherever you are and whatever time of day – now that’s what we call car finance flexibility! Our simple to complete online application form takes just moments to complete and we only ask for relevant information – so whether you’re sitting on your sofa at home, at your desk in the office or out and about, there’s nothing easier. We get you confirmation of your financing options without any need for you to visit a car dealership. How’s that for convenience?

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The Quick Car Finance Guide To Comparing Car Finance

With our easy-to-follow guide, we show you your very best deal options for car loans or car financing. Want to know how to compare car finance deals? Need to understand what’s available and more importantly – will you get accepted? We’ll tell you everything you should know about car financing. First things first, using Quick Car Finance won’t alter your credit score because we only ever perform soft searches – we have access to numerous car finance providers and can even help you if your credit score isn’t up to scratch! We’ll do our very best to get you accepted, no matter what your financial circumstances. Click here to find out what you could borrow, you could even drive away your shiny new vehicle as fast as today! If you need a car loan or a motorbike loan, you need to know how to apply and also where to go to get the very best finance options. With Quick Car Finance, we compare the loans for you so you choose the right deal at the right price to suit your pocket.

Understanding what a Car Finance Loan is

If you need a car but you don’t have the money immediately available, then a car finance loan is ideal for you. This type of loan is a way of borrowing money specifically for purchasing a vehicle (whether new or used). It’s also a great way of helping you to spread the cost of your purchase so you don’t have to part with a huge sum of money at once to pay back your loan. Instead, it means you can manage your finances better because you pay over a period of time, therefore spreading out the cost. As with all loans, a car finance loan (or other vehicle loan) comes with interest rates, there may also be other charges or fees attached to it. However, with Quick Car Finance, there are never any arrangement fees – we get you the best price and the most affordable way of paying it back!

As with all loans, a car finance loan (or other vehicle loan) comes with interest rates, there may also be other charges or fees attached to it. However, with Quick Car Finance, there are never any arrangement fees – we get you the best price and the most affordable way of paying it back!

The Different Types of Car Loan Available

There are different financing options available, sometimes it’s difficult to find your way through all the jargon so we make it super-easy to understand what each of the choices are:

Generally, there are four different types:

  • A Personal Loan: The first option is to take out an unsecured personal loan. This means you borrow a sum of money over a set period of time (usually from 12 months to 60 months). You make monthly repayments to pay off the loan. Unsecured simply means it is not secured against anything, so it’s not secured against your home (if you own it) or any other substantial asset. When you take out a personal loan, you own the vehicle outright as the car dealership is paid the money in full. However, you must pay back the loan company as agreed in your terms and conditions. You can choose to sell the vehicle before the loan is complete if you want to but you still have to repay anything that remains unpaid. So, if you sell your car after 6 months but still have 18 months left, you still have to make the monthly repayments left or pay back in full what you owe – you get the choice.

  • Hire Purchase (or HP): This means what it says, you essentially “hire” the car from the car finance company of choice with an option to own it at the end. Once you’ve finished making your monthly repayments, you own the car. With a Hire Purchase agreement, you would normally be asked to put an initial deposit amount down. As a rule, it’s usually approximately 10% of the loan amount. Remember, the more money you put down as a deposit, the less your monthly repayments will be.

  • Personal Contract Purchase (or PCP): This option is very similar to Hire Purchase. You put down a deposit on the vehicle you want and make monthly repayments, the higher the deposit, the lower the monthly repayments. Now, it’s good to know that PCP repayments are generally lower than HP repayments because you aren’t paying off the value of the car in its brand new state. Instead, you’re paying off the value of its depreciation at the end of your loan contract. Once you’ve paid everything off, you have a choice: return the car back to the car dealer or pay off the rest of the car’s value and keep it. There is a third choice too, you could choose to take out a new PCP and get another vehicle.

  • Other Methods of Financing a New Car: There are other ways of financing a car but they aren’t as cost-effective. For example, some people buy a car on their credit card but remember, the interest rates are notoriously high and you’d need to make sure that the cost of the car is within your credit limit. You also have to remember to make those monthly repayments in full to avoid costly fees. Late repayments means debt and damage to your credit score

Am I Eligible for a Car Finance Loan?

If  you’re over 18 then you are eligible but remember that every lender has their own specific requirements that you must satisfy. When you choose a vehicle loan, check out what they require. It’s as simple as reading the small print or hopping onto their website – or ask the helpful Quick Car Finance team.

The lenders that we list will almost always accept you (because we’ve done the hard work for you before you apply). This is important because you should only apply to lenders who are likely to say yes. Too many rejected applications could affect your credit score.

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Data collected by Quick Car Finance, accurate as of November 2018

The Cost of a Car or other Vehicle Loan


Now you know about all the different types of loan and eligibility, it’s worth understanding the cost of your car loan – after all, you need to be able to afford it and in today’s world, you have a lot of other monthly expenses!

The cost of the vehicle loan depends on a number of factors, let’s look at them:

  • The Type of Loan you Choose: Look at the information above; remember a PCP usually has cheaper monthly payments. That’s because you are paying for the depreciation of the car’s value instead of the car brand new.

  • Your Deposit: The bigger the deposit, the less monthly repayments you’ll have. Now, this isn’t entirely set in stone because it does vary depending on the provider but generally you should pay less with a bigger deposit amount and more with a smaller deposit amount.

  • The Interest Rate: The interest you pay on the car loan is sometimes difficult to fathom but it applies to how much it costs to take out the financing. It’s calculated on an APR (Annual Percentage Rate) which tells you the cost of interest, including fees and charges applied to the loan. Another caveat is that this rate only has to be offered to 51% of loan applicants so the actual rate you receive very much depends on your own financial circumstances.

  • Fees and Charges on the Loan: Many providers attach fees to loans. These could be late payments, early repayments, arrangement fees or option to purchase fees. The latter, “option to purchase”) means a balloon payment at the end of a PCP.

  • Credit History: Your credit history will always affect the loan you are offered. A good credit history gives you a better opportunity of securing a great deal but if you have poor credit history it doesn’t mean you won’t get financing, especially with Quick Car Finance working on your behalf. Lenders use your credit history to determine whether or not they’ll give you financing. It also determines the amount a lender will lend and the cost of the loan. As an example, if your credit history isn’t great, you might be offered a higher rate of interest. If you have a strong credit history, your loan will likely cost less in interest charges.

The average car loan people
aged 24-44 look to take out is


Data collected by MoneySuperMarket, accurate as of October 2018

Applying for Car Financing

Applying is easy, especially with Quick Car Finance because we do it all for you. Once we’ve performed a soft search, all you need to do is give us your address and contact details, information on your monthly expenses, your employment and let us know how much you want to borrow. We will also ask you how long you want the loan to be for – we have a finance calculator to help you decide on the term and how much you can afford as well, click here to use it.

Our website helps you do it all in one, easy place. There’s no need to make multiple phone calls or surf the web looking for a lender because we have the very best lenders and the very best deals in one, accessible place. We also won’t harm your credit history because at the start of the process, we only perform a soft search to bring you the best car loan financing options results for your needs. Using us, gives you the best possible deal and you’re most likely to be accepted to!

Things to Remember before Making

your Car Finance Application


We’re going to make it as easy as possible for you to make a successful application – so think about the following:

  • What do you want to spend?: Always be realistic about what you can afford. So, before you buy your car, look into the detail. Will it be cost-effective? Is it a gas-guzzler? Is it electric? Think carefully about extras such as high petrol or diesel charges as it all adds up!

  • How long do you want to keep your car?: Are you looking for a new car every few years or do you want to own your car outright at the end of the term? This makes a difference to the type of loan you choose and will help you make the right choice.

  • Don’t apply until you’re sure!: This is because too many applications could damage your credit score. With Quick Car Finance we only use soft searches to begin with. These soft searches are there for good reason, to see what your eligibility is and to show you what you could borrow and who from. Once you’re ready to make your application, a different search is performed. This helps you with a higher chance of acceptance.

  • Remember Car Leasing Rules!: Some car leasing has certain rules, for example, you may not be able to go over a set mileage or you might have to return the car in a certain condition. If you don’t take note of the rules or stick to them, you could incur further charges or a fine.

  • Do you Need GAP Insurance?: GAP insurance is short for Guarantee Asset Protection. It is useful because if you need to claim on your car insurance but your car insurance provider pays out less than what the car was worth when first purchased, GAP insurance makes up the price difference. That means that you don’t lose money.


  • Do your Car Homework!: We advise you to shop around our website and see what our partners could lend you. Don’t rush out to your local car dealership and take out the first loan you find, no matter how keen you are to get the car you want or how much they push you to buy! We are pretty sure we can get you a better deal, take time to compare lenders and see what you could borrow by clicking here.

Compare Car Financing with Quick Car Finance

We’re called Quick Car Finance for a reason, we get you the loan you want – fast and we get you quick approval too! So don’t delay, use our website to find the best option for you and you could drive away your stylish new vehicle in as little as 24 hours! All you need to do is to key in some simple information and we’ll do the rest for you, bringing up the lenders that will likely loan you what you need and at a competitive price too. We show you the cost of the loan, fees and charges involved and give you a good indication of whether or not you’ll be accepted. Then, once you’ve chosen the right lender for you, just click on through and say yes!

Quick Car Finance is a credit broker so we show you finance and loan products offered by lenders. We do not take a fee from you for our brokering service. Our lenders usually pay us a fee for the introduction.