Bad Credit Car Finance

  • No deposit options
  • No arrangement fees†
  • No obligation quote
  • All Credit history’s welcome

What Does Bad Credit Mean!

 We understand that sometimes, maintaining a perfect credit score isn’t easy so we make sure there are car finance options available for all customers, regardless of credit histories.

Our team has access to lenders that really understand how hard it is to get financing on poor credit, in fact, they specialise in organising car finance for people with bad credit ratings. It doesn’t matter if you have a CCJ, mortgage arrears or you’ve previously made late payments on loans. Even if you’ve worked with a debt management plan or IVA, let us try and help you to secure the right car finance for your circumstances.

Refused Car Finance in the Past?

Been refused car financing before? We will still try to help, we do our very best to get the right deal for you.

Check Your Credit Score!

We suggest check your credit report to make sure it is completely accurate. Sometimes having bad credit can simply be attributed to having no credit at all – if you’ve never borrowed before then prospective lenders don’t know what your repayment patterns are. Unfortunately, this can be marked as a risk.

Quick Car Finance Looks at the Bigger Picture

So, don’t let bad credit stand in your way of getting the car or vehicle that you want. You may have missed payments on other borrowing or experienced debt in the past which has resulted in a poor credit score. When you need a vehicle, you don’t need the extra worry of whether or not you will be able to secure car financing. We will try to help because we look at the bigger picture.

Various Options for Customers with Bad Credit

With Quick Car Finance, we have various options for customers with bad credit history and we’ll work hard to get you an approved loan that works with your circumstances. Even better – we promise no arrangement fees and a no-obligation quote. While we can’t promise approval, we will guarantee that we will do our very best to secure you a good option. You’ll also have your own personal advisor, there to help you at every step of the process.

Click here and start your car finance application or check our calculator tool here which is an excellent way of estimating your monthly repayments and budget.

What We Will Ask You For

We need certain information to provide you with your no-obligation car finance quote and that’s because our panel of lenders usually request certain documents as follows:

  • Proof of car license
  • Proof of home address (if you have less than 3 years’ address history we also have options that may be suitable)
  • Proof of income

Even if you’re self-employed and have bad credit you may well still be eligible as we have access to the right lenders who deal with your circumstances. We’ve already helped hundreds of thousands of happy customers in the UK, you could be next and then, you simply choose the vehicle you want from any reputable car dealer..

If you need help with that, we can give you access to our exclusive car search tool.

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