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Bad Credit Car Finance

  • No deposit options
  • No arrangement fees†
  • No obligation quote
  • All credit history’s welcome
Bad Credit Car Finance

What Options Are There for Bad Credit Car Finance?

We proudly offer the following for people looking for car finance with bad credit histories:

  • Hire Purchase (HP)
  • Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)
  • Personal Loans
  • Part-Exchange

Even if you have bad credit or a less than perfect credit score, you should still be able to get access to car finance in some way.

At Quick Car Finance, we work with the whole of market of car finance providers, who are willing to take a view on different credit histories and can help find the most affordable option for you.

Have You Been Refused Car Finance in the Past?

If you have been refused car finance in the past – we compare over 48 different finance options and you can check your eligibility here.

Our credit scores are always changing and if you are starting to make payments on time for other financial products, you may find that your credit rating is improving and you may be eligible.

You can have peace of mind that when you apply with Quick Car Finance, your credit score will not be impacted and this will not affect your chances of approval for other products.

Quick Car Finance Looks at The Bigger Picture

At Quick Car Finance, we look at the bigger picture and will not reject your application because of previous defaults, arrears or CCJs.

To be eligible, you will simply need to show a regular income and a willingness to pay your car finance on time each month.

To help people looking for car loans with bad credit, we may offer terms such as:

  • Paying a slightly higher rate each month
  • Paying a higher deposit
  • Part exchanging a vehicle that has some value

What Information Do I Need to Apply?

  • Your budget
  • Your credit status
  • Type of vehicle
  • Type of driver’s license
  • Employment details
  • Monthly income
  • Address

Do You Accept Part-Exchange?

Yes, with plenty of options available, we are willing to speak to car dealers and discuss part-exchange options. If you have a vehicle that is quite new and in good condition, it may be valuable and this will help offset some of the initial costs and lower your monthly payment.

Every vehicle will be assessed on an individual case-by-case basis and you can part-exchange a car, bike, van or motorhome if you wish.

Do You Accept No Deposit?

Yes, we work with car dealers and finance providers who are willing to accept car finance without a deposit. However, you may be required to part-exchange your existing vehicle or commit to paying a higher monthly rate.

Typically, the deposit you need to purchase a car is a minimum of 10% and the higher the amount you pay, the lower your monthly repayments will be.

Will I Pay More for Car Finance if I Have Bad Credit?

Typically, yes, if you have poor credit, you are considered to be a higher risk for companies to lend to – and this is reflected by charging a slightly higher rate.

Fortunately, at Quick Car Finance, we put every customer’s budget and credit status into a tiered structure, so you will never be overcharged and you will not be faced with inflated rates from providers or dealerships.

How to Apply for Car Finance for Bad Credit

You can apply online for car finance for bad credit histories in less than 5 minutes with Quick Car Finance.

Our entire application is completed online and we require just a few basic details including the amount you wish to borrow and your monthly budget.

We will give you an instant decision on the screen with a list of competitive quotes and you can proceed with the best deal according to your requirements.

If successful, we will transfer the funds to a dealer of your choice or one of our approved dealers – and you can purchase your desired car within 24 to 48 hours. Simple!


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